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Current list of house bills (February 2019).

Legislative News, February 2019

Maureen Mulhall, ILOTA Lobbyist

The ILOTA bill file is based on bills that have been introduced as of February 8. As you see, it’s a very slim file right now. The General Assembly has been working at a snails pace when it comes to introducing bills. It may be due to the large number (55ish) of new members. Speaker Madigan just appointed committee membership on Feb 1. With the exception of one member, the entire makeup of the Speaker’s leadership team has changed. Leader Durkin’s leadership has also changed substantially due to the number of his Republican leaders who retired. The Senate Democratic leadership has a few changes as does the Republican leadership, again, largely due to turnover.


February 15 is the deadline for both the House and Senate members to introduce bills. The House is in session both of the next 2 weeks leading up to the introduction deadline. The Senate is only in the week of February 4th. Both chambers are in the week of February 18, with the Governor’s combined State of the State and Budget address on Wednesday February 20. The House is scheduled to be in the last week of February but the Senate is not.


The Governor has very slowly been appointing his Cabinet, although he has not appointed either the DHS or IDFPR directors. I anticipate that he’ll appoint the remaining Cabinet members before February 20. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the agenda for the new administration. We should have an outline of it during the State of the State/Budget address.