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Current list of house bills (February 2020).

Legislative News, April 2019

Maureen Mulhall, ILOTA Lobbyist

With 5 weeks left, the General Assembly will spend the next 2 weeks conducting committee hearings of bills that have passed from the chamber of origination. The deadline to pass bills out of committee in the second chamber is May 10. May 13-24 will be spent moving bills from 2nd to 3rd reading and final passage, with the 3rd reading deadline being May 24. Those 11 days are critical in the Capitol. During that time amendments can be filed and heard with just one hour notice, rather than the more common 24 hour notice. I don’t think anything that we believe is dead will come back to life during this time, but I’m always on guard. From May 25-31 the General Assembly will be “cutting the final deals”.


The Governor’s proposed budget is based on 4 new revenue streams and delaying the pension payment the state owes on all of the state managed pension systems. The 4 revenue streams/new taxes all require legislation to be passed to create the revenue stream. The budget is based on the following:


            $170 million from the sale of recreational marijuana licenses

            $200 million from sports betting

            $200 million from a plastic bag tax (outside of the city of Chicago which already taxes plastic bags)

            $390 from a tax on managed care organizations


You may have also read or heard about a plan to raise the gasoline tax as well as license plate and titling fees. The money generated from these fees are exclusively for transportation improvements.

All of the above issues are still being negotiated. I firmly believe the GA will adjourn on May 31, but they have a LOT of ground to cover before adjournment.