President:  Jim Hill

Oversees the current and future functions of the organization. Leads the board of directors to move the organization forward and ensuring the organization addresses the needs of the membership across the state. Follows and updates the organizational by-laws to ensure continuity. Networks with the Presidents from neighboring state associations. Ensures state representation with the AOTA.

Secretary:  Beverly Menninger

Submits formal notes from all organizational meetings. Oversees the Archives.

Director of Finance:  Janet Adcox

Organizes and manages budgetary information (manages accounting system, including but not limited to account coding, labeling of line items and proper assignment of debits and credits).

Director of Finance Elect: Moira Bushell

Works with the Director of Finance through the remainder of her term and will become the next Director of Finance.

Director of Advocacy:  Michelle Sheperd

Oversees the advocacy of Occupational Therapy within the state seeking out barriers facing our profession including public policy and reimbursement. Collaborate with AOTA and state lobbyists to further promote and protect the role of occupational therapy.

Director of Membership:  Jacob Garrison

Addresses ways to increase and retain membership in order to safeguard the practice of Occupational Therapy practice in Illinois.  Oversees the professional development committee which organizes our annual conference.  Maintains the current membership database.

Director of Communications:  Lauren Henderson

Oversees all communication methods provided by the organization including the Communiqué, SIS and district communications, website, list serve and discussion board.

You may email [email protected] to contact any of the board members. 

Executive Director: Tracy Repmann

Is typically the first contact to the organization. Communicates with the general public, members and directs communication to the appropriate resource.