ILOTA Special Interest Sections

(May 2022)

ILOTA has 15 different Special Interest Sections (SISs), listed below. If you are an ILOTA member, you can identify with a specific SIS by updating your membership profile on at Membership > Update Your Profile > Area of Practice or Special Interest. This will ensure that you are notified of news, updates, and events related to your area of practice and SIS. If you are a current ILOTA member, you can view the current list of SIS coordinators and co-coordinators, and their contact information, on our Board Roster at this link.

The Special Interest Sections are each centered around a particular practice area, population, or professional topic.  SISs serve three major functions: education, networking, and advocacy. SIS coordinators and committees play a role in identifying the education needs of our members and assist with planning events as relevant.  They also assist in planning and facilitating networking events, such as roundtable discussions during the annual conference, that provide members with an opportunity to connect with each other and dialogue on important issues.  Finally, SIS coordinators and committees may play a role in coordinating advocacy efforts with other ILOTA board members to promote or address issues impacting OT practice or the people we serve.  

Here are the 15 current ILOTA Special Interest Sections:

Academic Education

Administration & Management

Assistive Technology


Developmental Disabilities

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)

Early Intervention


Home & Community Health

Mental Health


Orthopedic & Upper Extremity Rehab


School-Based Practice

Sensory Integration and Processing