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Physical Agent Modalities

January 17-18, 2015

Presented by ILOTA 


Location: OSF St. Mary Medical Center

                    Galesburg, IL 


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AOTA REPRESENTATIVE FALL 2014 MEETING-Not too late to get involved!!!!

ATTENTION – AOTA REPRESENTATIVE FALL 2014 MEETING-Not too late to get involved!!!!


The AOTA Representative Assembly is currently having their fall on-line meeting that runs from November 10th – November 18th.    AOTA Members can get involved by attending the meeting (virtually) and/or weighing in on the business of the Assembly through your State Representative.

The Agenda for this meeting involves action on 3 papers submitted by the Commission on Practice.  The three papers that are up for Approval/Discussion are:

  • Philosophical Base
  • Complex Environmental Modifications
  • Seating and Wheeled Mobility

These papers are available for review/download on the AOTA website under the section for the RA Meeting.   Where applicable the previous version is provided for comparison as some of these papers involve updates of what is currently in place.

All of the reports submitted by the various committees of the RA are also available on the website for review.

If you have not participated in an RA On-line Meeting in the past you can log in at any time during now and November 18th to view the discussion that is occurring on-line for the various items up for approval/action.      

Go to:  (You will be prompted to sign into your AOTA On-Line Account)    From this page you will be able to view/download all of the documents associated with this meeting and join the discussion.

Your input is on the various issues should be sent to  the Illinois Representative to the Representative Assembly:  Rachel K. Dargatz, OTD, OTR/L  at