Lobbying for the ILOTA

by Maureen Mulhall

I have been honored to serve as the lobbyist for the ILOTA for over 9 years. One of the goals of any lobbyist is to help the client (that’s YOU) become a “name brand” in the Capitol, that is, be the “go to” organization on specific issues.
Each year I have watched the effectiveness of the ILOTA grow in the Capitol. We have partnered with the Illinois Physical Therapy Association in efforts to halt the inappropriate expansion of the scope of practice of Athletic Trainers. 
We have worked with the Illinois Department of Public Health to add OTs to administrative rules where appropriate. This legislative session we worked with IDPH on legislation amending the Health Care Worker Background Check law. Most significantly during my tenure as lobbyist, we substantially rewrote the Occupational Therapy Act, which also required a substantial rewrite of the Administrative Rules to implement the Act.
I have made an effort to make myself available to ILOTA members, especially at conference, to explain the legislative process and respond to questions about specific legislation. I have repeatedly been impressed with the commitment that occupational therapist demonstrate to their profession, which makes it quite easy for me to proudly represent you with legislators, State agencies and staff.


To reach Maureen: 
Phone: 217-638-8175
Email: [email protected]


Maureen Mulhall, ILOTA's lobbyist