2022 ILOTA Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Focus Areas


ILOTA is a multifaceted association committed to enhancing health and well-being through the utilization of best occupational therapy practices in Illinois.


ILOTA is recognized as the premier occupational therapy resource in Illinois.  We strive to advance the best practice of occupational therapy through serving, supporting and promoting the profession.

Core Values

Be Dynamic
Why? We are an ever evolving association that serves  as a catalyst, promoting health and well-being by inspiring compassionate, enthusiastic occupational therapy practitioners.  Through forward thinking we envision the need for change and innovation. How do we bring this to life? We facilitate the opportunities for participation through utilization of evolving technologies and strategies.  We anticipate and meet the needs of the stakeholders through surveillance of local, state and national key initiatives.  We recognize needs and provide resources and opportunities to facilitate professional growth and development that reflects evolving best practice.
     Be Inclusive
Why? We represent practitioners within current and emerging practice areas across Illinois to ensure every voice is heard.  We embrace diversity and acknowledge the need to support growth and development of all practitioners within the state.
How do we bring this to life?  We utilize a variety of methods and strategies to facilitate engagement of practitioners from all corners of the state.  We anticipate the needs of stakeholders and respond by developing and implementing relevant advocacy strategies.
Be Dedicated 
Why? We are dedicated to the advancement of occupational therapy and our stakeholders.  We need self-motivated people who are passionate about the occupational therapy profession. 
How do we bring this to life? Our staff, volunteers and members demonstrate perseverance and follow-through to enable the achievement of our multiple goals and objectives.  We are organized and responsive in fully communicating responsibilities and expectations.
Have Integrity

Why? We value ethical practice by our members which in turn drives the organizations adherence to ethical business practice.  In light of our advocacy role, it is critical that our profession is viewed as trustworthy through modeling of our core values. How do we bring this to life?  We operate the business of the association with transparency.  We invite members to actively engaged in our activities and we respond to their feedback.

Strategic Focus Areas

Focus Area 1: Inclusion / Diversity

Focus Area 2: Membership

Focus Area 3: Organizational Structure

Focus Area 4: Communication

Focus Area 5: Support of Best Practice

 2022-2025 ILOTA Strategic Plan