ILOTA  ListServ Instructions
To join the listserv:
  • Send a message from your preferred e-mail to: [email protected]
  • You may include a quick note in the body introducing yourself if you like, but the content of the body and the subject line are actually unimportant.  
  • It is not necessary to visit the Yahoo site to join, so feel free to disregard any requests from Yahoo to do so.
To send a message to the listserv:
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • You can also visit to edit your preferences, post a message, and browse posts. Thanks for being part of the Illinois Occupational Therapy community!
The following guidelines are intended to protect the good of all parties.
  • The listserv may not be used for job advertising or for recruiting occupational therapy practitioners.
  • The listserv may not be used for the sale of services or products.
  • Only courses sponsored by ILOTA or AOTA may be posted on the listserv.
  • The listserv may not be used to compare the prices of occupational therapy professional services.
  • The listserv should not be used as a primary source for research.
  • The listserv may not be used for surveys unless sponsored by ILOTA or AOTA.
  • Members are encouraged to participate by asking and answering questions and sharing resources and information.
  • Maintain professional standards and common courtesy in e-mail messages, avoiding the use of insults, slander, profanity, or obscenities. Do not divulge confidential information or information that may cause harm to a consumer or client. Remember that e-mail is a relatively new communication form, and hastily composed, unclear messages easily can be misinterpreted.